Winrental 496.02

Run your video club more effectively


  • Neatly-arranged categories
  • Produce in-depth reports
  • Barcode printing
  • Produce reminder letters for customers


  • No online element for sharing data


I've never run a video shop but if I ever do, I think I'll make sure I get some decent software to help me. Videorental is just that, allowing you to improve the way you rent out videos, DVDs and computer games. In fact, the database allows you to store just about anything, accommodating all your entry needs from books to Compact Discs.

The interface is broken into several different sections. The first is the store inventory, which has a multitude of fields to comprehensively describe products, including identification numbers. The second contains information on the numbers of users with their number, the products they have rented, and so on. The third section relates to searches with various filters, alerts the expiry dates of hire, reservations, sales, bar codes, etc.

All in all, Winrental provides a comprehensive set of tools for managing your video store more effectively.

Winrental is an advanced DVD rental software for Windows that provides all the features you need to run the entire rental store. It has databases for rental inventory and customers and tracks all current and late items.

The program reports offer daily summaries, overdue analysis and category division. It requires no additional hardware but has facilities for receipt printers, barcode readers and pole displays. Each transaction is individually allocated to staff with secure log on.
Professional print facilities include membership forms, Photo ID cards and barcode printing.



Winrental 496.02

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